Advantages fresh-frozen pasta

Serving your customers an "al dente" pasta in an instant and at any time of the day? Yes, it is perfectly possible using the fresh-frozen freeze fresh pastas of The Smiling Cook. And an instant in our minds is very fast: 30 sec for penne or fusilli and 75 sec for strings such as tagliatelli or spaghetti.


Our pasta is prepared with fresh pasta dough as it should be, with durum wheat semolina and the best ingredients. After shaping this fresh pasta is cooked perfectly "al dente", lightly misted with a vegetable oil and then immediately deep frozen.


Our fresh-frozen pastas therefore offer numerous advantages:


1. different reheating methods.

2. fast heating: 30 or 75 sec. in hot (95°C) water.

3. constant high product quality: only use of 100 % natural ingredients, always cooked perfectly “al dente“, reservation of the nutritional values by directly freezing.

4. never stick together: lightly sprinkled with vegetable oil and deep frozen individually or in nests (IQF).

5. easy for portioning: strings are deep-frozen in portions of 50 g, short pasta always individually (IQF) deepfrozen, weight of frozen pasta is nearly identical to the weight of cooked dry pasta.

6. fixed food cost.

7. no waste: only use what is necessary and never leftovers or “mise en place” errors.

8. food safety: processing pasta only at the time of use, so no danger of forming bacteria and complete traceability of raw materials.

9. savings in time, work and energy costs: only needs regeneration/heating, therefore ideal for front cooking, less handling, less staff needed, no preparations and less water, gas and electricity spendings.

10.flexible products, reducing stress: the extensive range simplifies the task of composing creative and tasty menus with pasta, ideal to prepare for both individual servings and large quantities.

11. processable in the cold line