Portion packs for pasta


Portion packs for pasta - Since 2014, The Smiling Cook also launched individual portion packs for its fresh frozen pasta onto the market. These ready-to-use portion packs of The Smiling Cook are specially condiotioned in microwave proof steam bags of 200 en 300 g.


The specific weight of each portion pack corresponds to the usual amounts of pasta in small or large pasta cups or on dishes.


These portion packs increase the easily handling of our products and the profitability for a large number of catering businesses.


Advantages portion packs


1. Fast handling: always the right weight of pasta.

2. Portion control: always equal portions.

3. Stock control: one knows exactly how many portions were sold.

4. Never losses: a package used is a portion sold.

5. Fixed foodcost: one knows exactly the cost and profitability of each portion.

6. Hygiene: the pasta remains protected against contamination until the time of consumption.

7. Ready for use.

8. Quick and easy to prepare: unopened pouch in microwave (1800 W) for 60 sec (200 g penne), 90 sec (300 g penne) or 120 sec (300 g spaghetti).

9. Preparation in pasta cooker: pasta basket is always filled with equal portions.