GNLiner® is a heat-resistant protective foil (up to 203°C) for the professional kitchen.


This protective foil is mainly used for gastronorms and bain-maries and prevents burning of the food and/or the drying out of sauces or soups.


The available sizes comply with the international GN-standards:


ref. description dimensions (mm) pcs/carton
SP12 1/2 GN Deep 610 x 365 100
SP13 1/3 + 1/4 GN Deep 500 x 360 100
SP16 1/6 GN Deep 355 x 460 100


Advantages GNLiner®:


1. prevents burning or drying out of dishes
2. keeps dishes up to 8 ° C warmer and improves their quality
3. helps better to preserve food
4. saves time and money (less staff, less washing time, less water consumption, less cleaning products, etc.)
5. improves the hygiene
6. complies with HACCP standards
7. better eco-balance: cleaning with detergents is not necessary