Pasta cups

Model "Retro"


art. n°. F17 (16oz)

art. n°. F27 (26oz)

art. n°. F37 (32oz)


tray: 50 pcs.

box: 6 x 50 pcs.


Nicely "retro" decorated, resealable and microwave resistant cup. The cups are quite large and allow an easy meal without burning your hands.



Model "Pasta"


art. n°. F21 (16oz)

art. n°. F23 (26oz)


tray: 50 pcs.
box: 10 x 50 pcs.






Model catering cup "Prestige"


art. n°. F54 (5,5oz)


tray: 75pcs.
box: 4 x 75 pcs.



Beautifully decorated mini-cup for hot and cold preparations.

For high standard cocktails and walking dinners, especially with the special black plastic 15.5 cm fork (ref. G4).
Ideal for 100 gr appetizers with pasta, rice or paella.



Model blanco

art. n°. F18 (16oz)

art. n°. F28 (26oz)

art. n°. F38 (32oz)

tray: 50 pcs.

box: 10 x 50 pcs.