Art. nr. H28

6 x 1 kg


Just like the unspoiled nature of the North and the South Pole, the Nordic sauce blends out by its simplicity, purity and honesty. This vegetarian sweet-sour sauce with a light taste of dill consists of 64% fruit and vegetables (pickled gherkin, apple, red onion, raisins) and 12% yogurt, further flavoured with dill and pepper.


This Nordic sauce is also a perfect base for a variety of dishes with meat and fish and can be used both as a hot and a cold sauce (as a dressing for a cold pasta salad).





Warming up sauces


  • Preferably in the microwave: the pouch is microwave resistant. Heating time depends on the power of the device (about 2 min. - 650W - 1 kg = ± 70 ° C).
  • Cooking pot or pan: heat in the pan the required amount of by stirring the sauce.
  • In a bain-marie: heat the closed pouch during ± 15 min. in boiling water. The sauce can be kept warm in a bain-marie.
  • Combisteamer: heat the closed pouch at 100 ° C for ± 12 min.