art. nr. H7
6 x 1 kg


With cream and 14% of Emmenthal, this sauce can be used as it is or can be customized with other cheeses (roquefort, grana padano, etc.), with pieces of ham, mushrooms, spinach, etc.


Can be lengthened with cream, milk or water. Also suitable for gratins.



Warming up sauces


  • Preferably in the microwave: the pouch is microwave resistant. Heating time depends on the power of the device (about 2 min. - 650W - 1 kg = ± 70 ° C).
  • Cooking pot or pan: heat in the pan the required amount of by stirring the sauce.
  • In a bain-marie: heat the closed pouch during ± 15 min. in boiling water. The sauce can be kept warm in a bain-marie.
  • Combisteamer: heat the closed pouch at 100 ° C for ± 12 min.