Portion packs

The Smiling Cook recently launched individual portion packs for its fresh frozen pasta. These portions packs for perfectly cooked "al dente" and IQF frozen pasta certainly increase the convenience and profitability of many horeca kitchens. These ready-to-use portion packs are specially packaged in microwave-proof bags of 200 and 300 g.

The weights are indeed consistent with the usual amounts of pasta for small or large pasta cups.

Advantages portion packs

1. Ideal to start with pasta: no large quantities needed.
2. Ready for use
3. Useful for staff: idiot proof product for immediate use, always the exact weight out of your freezer.
4. No loss: a package taken is a portion sold.
5. Easy cost calculating: you know exactly the cost and profitability of each portion.
6. Hygiene: the portion pack meets all quality requirements.
7. Space saving: the portion packs take up less space in your freezer.
8. Easy to prepare: unopened pouch directly in microwave.
9. Preparation in pasta cooker: pasta basket is always filled with equal portions