The Smiling Cook

The pasta concept of The Smiling Cook is ideal to increased revenues and can be additionally added in sandwich-, soup and snack bars, sport cafeterias and all on-the-go formulas. Instead of pasta one can also use the concept with rice with and our sauces.

All products are available to offer your customers quickly a tasty pasta !

1. pasta

- frozen,cooked al dente (packaging 2,5 or 5 kg).

- ready in 30 sec. in salted boiling water.

- always serve short pasta in pasta cups

2. sauces

22 different pasta sauces made with 100% natural ingredients, sterilized in microwavable doypack pouches, so a long shelf life out of the fridge.


3. pasta cups

nicely decorated, resealable, microwave resistant and trendy. The cups are quite large and allow a easy meal without burning your hands.


4. forks

wooden forks (16.5 cm) complete the look of this pasta concept. Plastic forks (18 cm) also available.